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Links to Japanese Textile Websites

Carol Lane-Sabre Designs
Carol Lane-Saber Designs has original sewing patterns, Japanese fabrics, and other delights. Carol and her husband, Jerry lead personalized shopping tours to Japan.

Folkwear Patterns
Kate Mathews is the “new” owner of the much-loved Folkwear Patterns. Wonderful source for all sorts of costumes, retro fashions, ethnic wear, including several Japanese patterns. Many of the original patterns have been reprinted and new ones are being issued. Once again, Gretchen Schields is doing the exquisite cover drawings.
(I had the honor of working on the new Hakama pattern; woo-hoo!) Folkwear Pattern #151

A History of Japanese Clothing
An amazing website for Japanese historical men’s costume.

Ichiroya “Kimono Flea Market”
Nice “mom and pop” business run by Ichiro and Yuka Wada. A good source for all sorts of Japanese garments and textiles. Some pricey, but great bargains abound, and just a fun site to visit with interesting articles, links, and videos. Ichiro also has a newsletter you can subscribe to.

Itchiku Kubota

John Marshall
John is a well-known textile artist and master dyer who trained in Japan. His website is a wide-ranging source of information on Japanese textiles and crafts, especially dyeing.

Kasuri Dyeworks
While the wonderful shop in Berkeley has closed, Debby Wada continues to make the circuit of quilt shows and to sell on-line. For new kimono fabrics, see:

Kyoto Costume Museum
The Costume Museum - The Rebirth of The Tale of Genji.
Kyoto Costume Museum

Nautilus Fiberarts
Authentic Katazome by Karen Miller

Round Earth Publishing
A martial arts site with clothing patterns (including hakama), samurai movies, lots of cool stuff.

World Shibori Network

Yamatoku Vintage Kimono
I bought a number of things from them on Ebay, but haven’t bought anything from the store. It looks like they have reasonable prices, and interesting information.
Yamatoku Vintage Kimono

YokoDana Kimono / Yokodana Trading
Yoko and Dana are two of the nicest folks in the business. An excellent source for Vintage kimonos, Japanese antiques, fabric “by-the-pound,” etc.

Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada
Artist, author, co-founder of Kasuri Dyeworks, and founder of World Shibori Network.

Yoshiko Wada

Yusaburo Vintage Kimonos
Japanese website (in English) It looks like they are selling garments, but there is good information about history and use, also good illustrations.
Yusaburo Vintage Kimonos

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