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A History of Oh Noh! Kimonos!

In 1995, some friends and I went in together to buy a 100 lb bale of kimono from Texuba. I started selling kimonos and other exotic textiles on line (before I had access to the web!). I continued sourcing kimono and other textiles to resell or for my own use. (see links for sources).

Living in the San Francisco Bay Area, that meant frequent trips to Nihonbashi (Japantown) and the fabulous Kasuri Dyeworks in Berkeley. And of course, I discovered eBay. But after a while I sold everything I wanted to and got busy with other things. The site hasn't been updated since 2006!

In 2009, I moved here to the Southland, where I've had the opportunity to take some wonderful dyeing and wearable art classes. Oh Noh! Kimonos! will have a new life at my blog

This is the last update we will do at this site. Everything here now is strictly for informational purposes. The Bibliography has been extensively updated, new links added, and photos added to the Gallery, the Hakama page, and My Quilts.

*Please be aware that I claim copyright to all materials on this website. Everything here was a result of many long hours of work and research. Please feel free to link to it, cite it, whatever, just don't claim it as yours!*

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