Maneki Neko  


Here are some pillows I've made.

KIMONO PILLOW (click image)

Kimono Pillow 1   Kimono Pillow 2

Made for my daughter from gorgeous silk kimono fabric, black velvet border and backing, plus some fancy metallic trim I had.

HALLOWEEN PILLOW (click image)

Halloween Pillow  

This is actually a pillow made from the same fabric as the Halloween Quilt. Blurry photo of pillow made from scraps.

PEACOCK PILLOW (click image)

Peacock Pillow

Two sisters-in-law had inherited this piece of needlework from their MIL's mother. It was a long strip like a table runner, with the Peacock motif at either end. Someone told me that craft projects for similar items were common in women's magazines in the 1930's.

They wanted me to do something so each one would have a keepsake, maybe a wall hanging or something. But it was perfect for 2 pillows! Blue velvet was perfect for the back, and the lace from either end of the runner was perfect for the envelope back.

TAPESTRY PILLOWS (click images)

Tapestry Pillows  

Two pillows, one slightly larger than the other made for Christmas presents one year. Multi-color tapestry fronts, blue-green velveteen back and border.

Tapestry Pillow Back
Tapestry Pillow Back  

Detail of the back with drapery ties holding it closed. The pillow form was a little too plump!

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