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I am NOT a quilter, but I have made a few quilts. It's fun to piece the tops, but I just don't have the kind of patience it takes to actually quilt a bed covering. But here are some of the ones I've made.

GUNNY SAX TO BABY QUILT (click images)

Gunny Sax to Baby Quilt  

I think this was only my second quilt and first baby quilt. Ann was a colleague and fellow student at my work-study job in college. A group of us had done a fun clothing exchange, and I had grabbed an old Gunny Sax dress that had been Ann's prom dress.

When I learned that she was expecting, I took the dress completely apart and made the quilt for her baby. Every part of the top is from the dress: main fabric (small floral print), blue ribbon, blue and white gingham, and there was just enough eyelet ruffle to go around the edge.

Baby Quilt Detail 2  

The backing is a nice cotton flannel with a small blue floral print. The batting may have been cotton flannel also. The quilting was just stitch-in-the-ditch on all the seams.

Baby Quilt Detail 1  

When got Ann the quilt at her shower, she was thrilled. She AND her mother had regretted letting go of that dress. Now it had double significance!

These scans are from the original printed photos from 1984 which, sadly, have faded and turned pink over the years. Wish I had better ones!

JEANS TIED QUILT (click image)

Jeans Tied Quilt  

I don't have a photo of the whole quilt, so this pastiche will have to do. All the blue canals are old jeans (possibly left over from the saki-ori vest project) All the flower beds are sample squares of Guatemalan ikat and some Indonesian batik.

There is no batting, the backing is made from fleece-side-out sweatshirts, and I used bright red yarn to tie it. It is still an extremely sturdy quilt!

I made this one for my son. The design was partly to recall the floor quilt I had made him as a child, and partly to use the chahar bagh pattern found in Persian rugs. It's based on a 4-square design of flower beds with irrigation canals running between them. That's the blue part.


Halloween Tied Quilt  

Not a baby quilt; this was a big boy quilt for my nephew, who loves all things Halloween.

Halloween Quilt Detail  

The quilt is not finished in this photo. I think the border was more of the black check, with giant purple ric-rac. The orange corner fabric is cotton kimono lining. The batting was an old wool blanket.

Halloween Quilt Backing   Backing.

BABY GARDEN QUILT, TIED (click images)

Baby Garden Quilt  

Another baby quilt, this time with a garden theme, for a baby boy. There are fruits, flowers, vegs, and bunny rabbits, but there are also lizards and frogs!

Backing was Lanz of Salzburg quilted robe I never wore much.

Baby Garden Quilt Detail  

Slightly blurry photo shows stitch-in-the-ditch quilting, but it was also tied with teal blue yarn.


Trains and Dinosaurs Quilt  

For the same little boy a few years later. He LOVED trains and, of course, dinosaurs. I found lots of train-themed fabric on eBay, and the piece de resistance, quilt fabric printed with railroad tracks! How perfect is that!

Trains and Dinosaurs Quilt Backing  

The backing fabric is covered with dinosaurs in "natural" settings. I don't really remember the binding, but it looks like confetti polka dots.

Trains and Dinosaurs Quilt Backing   Backing.

GIRL'S QUILT, TIED (click images)

Girl's Quilt  

I went a little crazy on this one. The pattern was based on "Turning 20" and the fabrics were mostly Japanese little girl or doll themed. But there's one print of Russian nesting dolls, some Chinese children, etc. Also some pink yukata fabric.

Borders are red-and-white and purple-and-black checks, plus giant red ric-rac.

Backing is red and white and multicolor check. Looks like the binding is the same fabric. And of course, tied with red yarn.

Girl's Quilt Detail

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